Rafter O at Cordova Creek - Canyon Lake, Texas


  • Nickname GCH Pruittville's Navigator +B

GCH Pruittville’s Navigator +B


Reference Goat

Information and pictures courtesy of KJ-Farms (Reference Bucks).

GCH Pruittville's Navigator +B
GCH Pruittville’s Navigator +B
Pictured at 2 Years of Age
   SS:  Wildwood SN Tornado
SIRE:  Pruittville’s Legend  92EEE
SD:  SGCH Pruittville’s Huckleberry  92EEEEDS:  Price O The Field Lizzie’s Rex
DAM:   CH Pruittville’s Nantucket  92EEEE
DD:  GCH Pruittville’s Pretty Posie  90VEEE

Navigator is a beautiful buck, large in stature, with a wonderful, gentle nature. He has excellent breed character, a “table-top” level topline, and is naturally uphill on the move and at rest.  Very wide throughout with sharp shoulders and excellent leg set.  He was coded E in head, shoulders, legs, back, and rump. An advanced judge, while going through the line-up of bucks, for Best in Show, made this comment:  “There’s nothing that you would want to change about this buck.”

Show Wins:     Grand   3X
Best of Breed  12X
Best in Show    2X

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