Rafter O at Cordova Creek - Canyon Lake, Texas


  • Nickname VMCH Green Gables EHJ Sapphire 3*P
  • MDGA AMN01278

VMCH Green Gables EHJ Sapphire 3*P

Reference Goat

Information courtesy of Green Gables Mini Nubians.


VMCH Green Gables EHJ Sapphire 3*P

4th generation – American
Finished Virtual Champion

Sire: +*B Echo Hill’s Jasper  (3rd gen)
ss: Echo Hill’s Lord Apollo
sd: Hackman Farms Easter Sunrise
Dam: VMCH Echo Hill’s Molly O’Malley 2*P (3rd gen.)
ds: Echo Hill’s King Patrick O’Malley *B
dd: FMCH Hidden Creek’s Patches *PView extended pedigree hereDOB: 3/24/08Percentage: 62.5/37.5 (Nubian/Nigerian)Height: 28.5″ (at 6.5 yrs)G6S Normal by testing
SAPPHIRE is a beautiful doe out of the first goats I purchased from Echo Hill’s. She is absolutely beautiful! I was mighty tempted to keep at least one of her triplet sisters as well, but restrained myself and just kept one of Molly and Jasper’s beautiful daughters. Sapphire has very nice conformation with strong feet and legs and lots of body capacity.  Her main faults is that she is on the tall side and has a rather steep rump (although it is incredibly flat). Her dam was our best milker giving about 7-8 lbs of milk each day and has given nearly 11# in one day! Molly has a lovely udder and is super easy to milk. Jasper, Sapphire’s sire, also comes from a line of great milkers and has given us many beautiful kids.  Sapphire has followed in her mother’s hoofprints and has the most amazing udder ever!  Her udder socked on super tight with very nice shape.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an udder with such high, wide, tight rear attachments!  She is also milking very well, keeping up the high production through the summer and fall months.  She easy produces over a gallon a day for the first several months of her lactation and is usually still producing over 1/2 a gallon (4 lbs) late in her lactation.  Like her dam, she has very nice sized teats that make her easy to milk.  Sapphire easily earned her last two V-CH legs in 2011 as a 3 year old and is the 2nd doe in the country to earn the VMCH title.  She took Best in Show, Best Udder in Show (in both rings), Best Udder of Breed as well as Grand Champion – She deserves it!

Virtual Show Record

2011: GRAND CHAMPION, BUB, BEST DOE IN SHOW & BEST UDDER IN SHOW! 1st place 3 year old milker – Ring 2 – MDGA Summer V-show

2011: GRAND CHAMPION, BEST UDDER IN SHOW, Best Udder of Breed & 1st place 3 year old milker – Ring 1 – MDGA Summer V-show

2010: 2nd place 2 year old MiniNubian – Ring 1 MDGA Fall V-show

2010: 3rd place 2 year old MiniNubian – Ring 2 MDGA Fall V-show

2010: 1st place 2 year old milker (class of 6 very nice does) in Ring 1 & 2 – MDGA Summer V-show

2009: 1st place Sr. Yearling (class of 8) and GRAND CHAMPION Jr. Doe and BEST JR. DOE IN SHOW! – Ring 1 MDGA Summer V-show

2009: 2nd place Sr. Yearling (class of 8) – Ring 2 MDGA Summer V-show

2008 – 2nd place Intermediate doeling in MDGA’s Virtual show (placed right behind Trillium)

MiniNubian 4th gen doe

Sapphire’s udder

MDGA Milk Records:

Year Age at



Days in




in test





in test





in test

2012 4-02 In Progress
2012 4-02 One day test 9.4# 4.14% 97 total points
2011 3-03 289 1227.2 5.59% 68.58 3.67% 45.03 Earned Milk Star!
2010 2-00 290 724.3 6.12% 36.64 3.77% 25.19

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Sapphire’s relatives…

Jasper, Sapphire’s sire Sapphire’s dam, Molly:

Jasper’s parents:



Easter Sunrise - MiniNubian

Molly’s Dam, Patches:

Sapphire’s half brother Freddy:

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