Rafter O at Cordova Creek - Mini Nubian Dairy Goats - Canyon Lake, Texas


  • Nickname Blackberry's BH Shakespear's Juliet
  • Date of Birth Jun 01, 2018
  • Mother VMCH Soaring Heart's First Lady *P
  • Father Blackberry's Houdini
  • MDGA MN08940

Blackberry’s BH Shakespear’s Juliet

Blackberry’s BH Shakespear’s Juliet

Breed: Mini Nubian Purebred (6th gen)

Date of Birth: 06-01-18
Percentage: 56.66% Nubian / 43.34% Nigerian
G6S Normal by Parentage and Testing
Unofficial Height: still growing

Blackberry’s BH Shakespear’s Juliet is a tiny sweet doeling with lots of milk stars in her line so she will have large milk pails to fill.  Conformation is not be taken lightly either with plenty of show wins including Finished Champions in her lineage.  We are expecting many show wins and lots of milk out of this California angel!  Thank you Green Eggers Farm!

Juliet will be bred to Levi in Fall 2019 for Spring 2020 purebred Mini Nubian kids!                          
Juliet’s Pedigree Photos

Health & Screenings

  • G6S Normal by Testing - UC Davis

  • CAE, CL, Johnes, Q-fever, Brucellosis - NEGATIVE


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