Rafter O at Cordova Creek - Canyon Lake, Texas


  • Nickname Goat Trails LF Blue Topaz "Tilly"
  • Date of Birth Mar 03, 2017
  • Mother Eddy Place Nola Mae Blue
  • Father Laz E Acre's Finley
  • MDGA 06671

Goat Trails LF Blue Topaz “Tilly”

Reference Goat

Breed: Mini Nubian Purebred (6th gen)

Date of Birth: 03-03-17
Percentage: 52.34% Nubian / 47.66% Nigerian
Blue Eyes
G6S Normal by Testing

Goat Trails LF Blue Topaz “Tilly” was our first blue-eyed mini Nubian.   She’s got super long ears, flashy colors, and a sweet personality.  She freshened again nicely this year with nice sized teats, good orifice size, and lots of capacity.  What’s not to love about her?  Tilly has gone to her new home in Oklahoma, Medicine River Ranch, along with her doeling, Flower.

Kidding History:

  • 2018     1 Buckling     1 Doeling  (Willie and Millie – sire Indy)
  • 2019      1 Buckling     2 Doelings (Rocky, Flower, Chickadee – sire Memphis)
Tilly’s Kids














Tilly’s Pedigree Photos


Health & Screenings

  • G6S Normal by Testing - UC Davis

  • CAE, CL, Johnes, Q-fever, Brucellosis - NEGATIVE

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