Rafter O at Cordova Creek - Canyon Lake, Texas


  • Nickname Green Gables SF Dash of Freedom *B
  • Owners Green Gables
  • Mother Green Gables EHJ Amazing Grace *P
  • Father VMCH Green Gables BF Spice of Freedom +*B
  • MDGA AMN03137

Green Gables SF Dash of Freedom *B

Reference Goat

Information courtesy of Green Gables Mini Nubians.


Green Gables SOF Dash of Freedom *B
4th generation – American

Sire: Green Gables BF Spice of Freedom +B (3rd gen AM)
ss: VCH Beloved Freedom (3rd gen AM)
sd: Green Gables EHJ Lady Nutmeg 2*P (2nd gen EX)
Dam: Green Gables EHJ Amazing Grace 1*P (4th gen AM)
ds: +*B Echo Hill’s Jasper (3rd gen AM)
dd: Green Gables Milk N’Honey Raisin (3rd gen EX)View extended pedigree hereDOB: 2/20/13Percentage: 57.41/42.60 (Nubian/Nigerian)

Height: 25.5″ at 4 years old

G6S Normal by parentage

DASH is a lovely buck with gorgeous conformation – long, wide and deep with strong feet and legs.  He has a lovely front end assembly with tight, sharp withers, a nice brisket and smooth blending. A great plus is that he has stayed very SMALL.  He is only 26″ at the withers while most of my mature bucks are a good 3+” taller.  Dash’s dam, Grace was also very small and has a lovely, tightly attached, correct udder with high butterfat milk.  She has stood the test of time holding up very well still having excellent attachments and strong feet and legs at 9 years old.  Dash’s sire, Spice, has thrown some of my most correct udders and his daughters are excellent milkers. Dash is linebred on my first Echo Hill’s buck who threw beautiful udders on his daughters.  Dash’s dam, Grace, and his paternal granddam, Nutmeg, are both sired by +*B Echo Hill’s Jasper. As an added bonus, Dash also has moonspots. Looking forward to using Dash on some of my taller does in 2017.

MiniNubian udder = MILK

Dam, Grace’s udder

Virtual Show Record

Paternal granddam, Nutmeg’s udder

Achievements & Titles

  • Reserve Grand Champion Mini Nubian Senior Buck

    • MDGA Virtual Show
    • August 2018
    • Timothy Bell
  • Grand Champion Mini Nubian Senior Buck

    • MDGA Virtual Show
    • August 2018
    • Regina Tervo
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