Rafter O at Cordova Creek - Mini Nubian Dairy Goats - Canyon Lake, Texas

Exceptional Traits

At the Rafter O, we strive to breed for exceptional Mini Nubian traits.  Nubian characteristics, conformation, and MILK are our first priorities.  The icing on the cake is polled, blue-eyes, and unique colors.  Personality is also important – we want all of our goats to be super friendly…even the bucks in rut.

When we were first deciding to get into dairy goats, I immediately fell in love with Nubians.  Upon learning how BIG they get, I was ecstatic to learn about the smaller version, the Mini Nubian! We have infused a higher percentage of Nubian genetics into our herd to improve on our Nubian characteristics.  How can one resist those long floppy ears!

Conformation is also very important.  We are members of the Hill Country Mini Milkers and enjoy participating in live shows as well as the MDGA Virtual Shows.  We enjoy the competition and learning more about our goats and how to improve them!

Most crucial for any breed of dairy goat is MILK!  We like to have our does have capacity, nice teat size, large orifices, and a smooth fore udder.  Once you’ve milked a goat with tiny teats and orifices…you realize the importance of these characteristics!  We will be conducting One Day Milk Test through MDGA in hopes of obtaining Milk Stars for our girls!

The icing on the cake is the traits such as Polled, blue-eyes, and flashy colors.  Currently, all of our Rafter O bucks are polled and blue-eyed.  Since we have retained two polled doelings, we will be bringing in a horned buck for those ladies. Our polled goats are heterozygous polled, meaning their kids can be either polled or horned.  Although disbudding is necessary for dairy goats, I find it comforting that most years I’m only having to disbud about 50% of the kids.

Blue eyes versus Brown eyes…different strokes for different folks.  I personally have blue eyes, and I like blue-eyed goats, but this doesn’t affect my decisions on the quality of the goat.  You can’t milk eyes (or ears for that matter!)  We know that our future Rafter O homes have certain preferences, therefore, we try to breed for a variety of traits that buyers want to add to their herd.

Nomad Once in a Blue Moon "Clair"

In regards to color, we are proud of our Cou Clair doe, Nomad Once in a Blue Moon “Clair”, who has given us a two-tone chamoisee doeling, Clover, and a Cou Clair doeling, Cricket.  The Cou Clair color pattern is very rare in Nubians, as it is traditionally an Alpine color.

The Rafter O has the exceptional traits that you are looking for: MILK, conformation, polled, blue-eyes, rare and flashy colors!

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