Rafter O at Cordova Creek - Canyon Lake, Texas


  • Nickname Rafter O June Bug
  • Date of Birth Mar 22, 2016
  • Mother Eddy Place Kandi Kisses
  • Father Sonflower Ranch's Elvin
  • MDGA MN05841

Rafter O June Bug

Rafter O June Bug wins Best Udder in Show!
Rafter O June Bug wins Best Udder in Show!

Breed: Mini Nubian Purebred (6th gen)

Date of Birth: 03-22-16
Percentage: 50.79% Nubian / 49.21% Nigerian
G6S Normal by Testing
Unofficial Height: 28.5 inches

June Bug was #2 in Kandi and Elvin‘s quads in 2016 and our first Rafter O doeling. She has good conformation and wide ears that are nice and long.  We love her cute pink nose!  She’s got great milk lines on both sides.  She has freshened nicely with good attachments and large orifices.  She milks out FAST!

June Bug took Best in Show, Best Udder in Show and Grand Champion Senior Mini Nubian Doe at the Hill Country Mini Milkers Fall Frolic Show in Decatur, TX on Nov. 3, 2018!  Way to go June Bug!

June Bug took Best Udder in Show again in Ring 2 at the Hill Country Mini Milkers Texas Two Step on June 2, 2019.

Judges commend June Bug for her great feet and legs, being very strong in the pastern. She also has desirable breed characteristics, having a longer and more bell-shaped ear which rests closer to her head. In body capacity, she has a nice wide chest floor.  In mammary system, June Bug has good extension to the fore udder.

June Bug’s daughter, Doodlebug, cleaned up at the Hill Country Mini Milker Texas Two Step on June 2nd!  She won Grand Champion Junior Doeling in the first ring, and Reserve Grand Champion Junior Doeling in the second ring.  

June Bug started our 2023 kidding season off with a BANG!  QUINTUPLETS!  We have retained one doeling, Nessie, from her Quintuplets.

June Bug will take the year off in 2024, and will possibly be retired.

Name Origin

June Bug

Adult beetles, commonly referred to as June Bugs are ½ to 5/8 inches long, and reddish brown. White grubs are “C”-shaped larvae, up to 1 inch long, with cream-colored bodies and brown head capsules. They have three pairs of legs, one on each of the first three segments behind the head.

There are more than 100 species of scarab beetles from several genera (e.g.,CyclocephalaPhyllophaga, and others) in Texas that are considered to be white grubs, May beetles and June bugs. However, the most common is Phyllophaga crinita. Their biologies are similar, but species differ in distribution, habitat preference, length of life cycle and seasonal occurrence. Other common species include the southern masked chaferCyclocephala immaculata (Oliver), and the green June beetleCotinis nitida (Linnaeus). The Japanese beetlePopillia japonica, introduced into the northeastern United States and migrating west and south, has recently been detected in some Texas counties.

Kidding History:

June Bug’s Kids














June Bug’s Pedigree Photos

Health & Screenings

  • CAE, CL, Johne's - Negative

    • WADDL
    • 21 Tue Mar
  • CAE, CL, Johnes, Q-Fever - Negative

  • G6S Normal by Testing - TVMDL

  • CAE, CL, Johnes, Q-fever, Brucellosis - NEGATIVE

Achievements & Titles

  • Best in Show

    • HCMM Fall Frolic
    • November 2018
    • Yvonne Blosser
  • Grand Champion - Senior Mini Nubian Doe

    • HCMM Fall Frolic
    • November 2018
    • Yvonne Blosser
  • Best Udder in Show

    • HCMM Fall Frolic
    • November 2018
    • Yvonne Blosser
  • Best Udder in Show

    • HCMM Texas Two Step
    • June 2019
    • Gary Whitehead
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