Your New Rafter O Kid

It is our goal at the Rafter O to provide the following in our Mini Nubians:

Healthy Animals

Friendly Personalities

Exceptional Traits

We take great pride in providing you a wonderful buying experience for your Mini Nubian kid! Our Rafter O herd is raised without compromise.  We provide only the best for our goats whether it be nutritional, medical, husbandry-related, or social. We try to match animals to the best possible home so that the buyer is comfortable and happy with their livestock purchase.

Your New Goat(s) will have the following:

  • Photo and video updates as your kid grows up!
  • New Buyer Packet includes:
    • Detailed Health Record
    • MDGA Registration Paperwork (application and/or original certificate for transfer)
    • Bill of Sale
    • 6 Generation Pedigree
    • How We Raise Our Goats & More Goat Info Educational Handout
    • G6S Test Results proving Normal by Parentage or Individual G6S Test Results
    • Latest Rafter O Herd Test Results showing Negative for CAE, CL, Johne’s, Q-fever and Brucellosis.
    • Description of Your Goat’s Name (if a Rafter O kid)
    • Repeat customers get a Rafter O T-shirt!

The Rafter O wants to be your Mini Nubian boutique! We strive to provide you with the best buying experience whether you are just starting your goat journey or adding to an established herd. We are always here to answer your questions and provide continued support long after your new baby goes home!

We traditionally have a long waitlist for our Mini Nubian kids, and usually have folks get their names on the list a year in advance. Visit our WaitList page to learn more about the reservation process and submit your form.

Healthy Animals * Friendly Personalities * Exceptional Traits

Rafter O Oriole "Rio"

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