Rafter O at Cordova Creek - Mini Nubian Dairy Goats - Canyon Lake, Texas


  • Nickname Blackberry's BV Snow Drop Obsidian
  • Date of Birth Jan 07, 2020
  • Mother Blackberry's Snowflake Obsidian *P
  • Father Blackberry's BH Vanquish *B
  • MDGA AMN10729

Blackberry’s BV Snow Drop Obsidian

Blackberry's BV Snow Drop Obsidian
Blackberry’s BV Snow Drop Obsidian

Breed: Mini Nubian 5th Gen

Date of Birth: 01-07-2020
Percentage: 63.40% Nubian / 36.60% Nigerian
Spotted with Moonspots
G6S Normal by Parentage
Unofficial Height: still growing!
Snow Drop joins us from CA Blackberry’s Goat Herd in Valley Center, CA.  She has a powerhouse pedigree filled with champions and milk!  Snow Drop will be arriving at our farm in early February 2020.  We are excited to see how she matures!  She will be bred in Fall 2020 for Spring 2021 kids. Pictures courtesy of CA Blackberry’s Goat Herd. Blackberry`s BV Snow Drop Obsidian - pedigree                        
Snow Drop Pedigree Photos

Health & Screenings

  • G6S Normal by Parentage


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