Rafter O at Cordova Creek - Canyon Lake, Texas


  • Nickname Blackberry's BV Snow Drop Obsidian
  • Date of Birth Jan 07, 2020
  • Mother Blackberry's Snowflake Obsidian *P
  • Father Blackberry's BH Vanquish *B
  • MDGA AMN10729

Blackberry’s BV Snow Drop Obsidian

Breed: Mini Nubian 5th GenBlackberry's BV Snow Drop Obsidian

Date of Birth: 01-07-2020
Percentage: 63.40% Nubian / 36.60% Nigerian
G6S Normal by Parentage and Testing

Snow Drop joins us from CA Blackberry’s Goat Herd in Valley Center, CA.  She has a powerhouse pedigree filled with champions and milk!  Snow Drop arrived at our farm in February 2020.  We are excited to see how she matures!  Snow kidded in June 2022 with buck/doe twins.  Her FF udder looks fantastic…a very nice fore udder and great teat, and orifice size.  We were unable to do milk test in 2022, but we will milk test our herd in 2023 and Snow will easily earn her milk star.  We milk her once daily and she produces about 1/2 gallon. 

Blackberry's BV Snow Drop Obsidian

Snow Drop took Grand Champion Junior Mini Nubian Doe at the Hill Country Mini Milker Texas Two-Step on May 15, 2021, under Judge Lorelei Hallock.

The Junior competition at this show was very competitive, and we are very proud of Snow!

We retained her 2022 doeling, Sprite.






2020 TMGR Conformation Clinic Comments (Evaluator: Rebecca Nix)

“Very nice balance to the length of leg bone on this doe kid, with very nice hoof shape and pastern length and strength. Really correct rear leg angulation with the rear leg being nice and perpendicular to the pin bone when viewed from the rear. However, when looking at the rump from the rear and over the top she lacks the width to the rump both in the hip and thurl area.  She also needs more length to the rump from hip to pin. This doe has a very correct front end assembly with a very balanced front end from top of shoulder to bottom. Even when looking over the top she is nice and square from point of shoulder to point of elbow, with nice shape and fullness to the fore rib, and spring to her barrel. In head and breed character, I like to see the ear more bell-shaped, with a thinner skin, and the head to be more roman with a stronger lower jaw and more open nostril. In side profile she has a nice uphill stature and a very strong back in chine and loin, however, I would like to see the neck blend more smoothly into to wither. In escutcheon, I’d like to see her with more arch and also would like to see the teat placement more medial. Overall a nice doe kid. I would be sure to breed her to a buck with a long rump and correct ear and head.”

Kidding History

Snow Kids

Blackberry`s BV Snow Drop Obsidian - pedigree

Snow Drop Pedigree Photos

Health & Screenings

  • G6S Normal by Testing

    • UC Davis
    • 01 Wed Sep
  • CAE, CL, Johnes, Q-Fever - Negative

  • G6S Normal by Parentage

Achievements & Titles

  • Grand Champion - Junior Mini Nubian Doe

    • HCMM Texas Two-Step
    • May 2021
    • Lorelei Hallock
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