Rafter O at Cordova Creek - Canyon Lake, Texas


  • Nickname Rafter O Yellow-billed Cuckoo
  • Date of Birth Apr 04, 2023
  • Mother Rafter O Sandhill Crane
  • Father Rafter O Indian Blanket

Rafter O Yellow-billed Cuckoo “Little Bill”

Rafter O Yellow-billed Cuckoo Rafter O Yellow-billed Cuckoo Rafter O Yellow-billed Cuckoo


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Sandy comes from great Nigerian and Nubian lines!  She is sure to infuse some great milky genetics into our herd…and she’s POLLED!  She has a super-sweet personality.  We had listed Sandy for sale, but after further evaluation, we have decided to retain her.  

Sandy won Grand Champion Mini Nubian Junior Doe in the MDGA Summer 2021 Virtual Show under James Oller!  Mr. Ollers’ comments: “The Champion will be the intermediate kid.  Wow!  Her breed character is amazing.  She is elegant, yet smoothly blended and very correct in structure. She has a beautiful level topline and nice long profile.  Her length of body really adds to her overall body capacity.  She is sharp at the wither and has a beautiful long lean neck giving her the advantage in dairy character as well.”

Her dam, Sapphire, has an excellent 3F udder with great attachment and a nice globular shape.  Nice high attachment, good teat placement, and good orifice size.  Sapphire won Reserve Grand Champion Mini Nubian Junior Doe in the MDGA Fall 2019 Virtual Show and Reserve Grand Champion Mini Nubian Senior Doe in the HCMM Texas Two-Step in May 2021.

Sandy’s sire, Lark is our first retained buckling at the Rafter O.  His dam, Ruby, had LONG teats with great placement.

Pancho is a very masculine two-tone chamoisee, moon-spotted, blue-eyed buck.

Pancho’s dam, Clover, is a beautiful two-tone chamoisee doeling with blue eyes.  She is very feminine and has a great topline and overall conformation.  Clover’s pedigree is outstanding on both sides.  Her dam, Clair, comes from top Nubian herds.  Indy, her sire, is a purebred Mini Nubian with lineage back to quality, foundation Mini Nubian herds.  Her udder is amazing…high attachment, good teat size, and good capacity.  Clover won Grand Champion Mini Nubian Senior Doe at the Hill Country Mini Milkers Texas Two-Step in May 2022.

Pancho’s sire, Tundra, is our spectacular buck from out West.  He brings in a powerhouse pedigree of champs and milk stars. He’s got great conformation, and greatly improves his kids!  Tundra won Reserve Grand Champion Mini Nubian Buckling in the Fall 2020 MDGA Virtual Show!  Tundra also has his *B – milk star.  AND…Tundra won Reserve Grand Champion Mini Nubian Senior Buck in the Summer 2021 MDGA Virtual Show!

Excited for these all Rafter O kids!


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