Rafter O at Cordova Creek - Canyon Lake, Texas


  • Nickname Rafter O Four Leaf Clover
  • Date of Birth Mar 24, 2019
  • Mother Nomad Once in a Blue Moon
  • Father One Nine Acres Blue Indigo
  • MDGA XN09564

Rafter O Four Leaf Clover

Breed: Mini Nubian 2nd Gen

Rafter O Four Leaf CloverDate of Birth: 03-24-2019
Percentage: 76.16% Nubian / 23.84% Nigerian
Two-tone Chamoisee, Blue Eyes
G6S Normal by Parentage

Clover is a beautiful two-tone chamoisee doe with blue eyes.  She is very feminine and has a great topline and overall conformation.  Clover’s pedigree is outstanding on both sides.  Her dam, Clair, comes from top Nubian herds.  Indy, her sire, is a purebred Mini Nubian with lineage back to quality, foundation Mini Nubian herds. 

Clover has freshened twice with buck/doe twins.  Her udder has very high attachments, good teat size, and placement.  We retained her 2022 doeling, Verbena, and her 2023 kids, Lantana and Pancho.  It is highly likely that Clover is homozygous for blue eyes, as all of her kids have had blue eyes.

In May 2022, Clover won Grand Champion Mini Nubian Senior Doe in the Hill Country Mini Milker Texas Two-Step under Judge Brandi Giachino.  The competition was fierce, and we are very happy that she came away with Grand Champion!

2020 TMGR Conformation Clinic Comments (Evaluator: Rebecca Nix)

“This is a very correct doe in all aspects. She is very balanced, feminine, and shows nice dairy strength. She has a long lean neck, I think she may be pulling down a bit on the collar giving the illusion of not blending as well into wither. Her shoulder assembly is very correct when viewed from the side. The foreleg placed appropriately under the wither, with adequate extension of chest and brisket. She has nice depth at the heart girth. Very long body with a strong and straight back. The rump could be a bit longer from hip to pin, but she shows correct shape to the rump. From the front, the only thing I’d like to see is the shoulder a bit wider at the top and the lower foreleg, from the knee down just a bit straighter. This doe has one of the best escutcheons in the group showing lots of width at the top, free of excess tissue, and the thighs curve outward. She is very correct in the rear legs when viewed from the rear being perpendicular from pin, hock, and fetlock. She does turn out slightly on the lower left foot. She has very correct hoof shape and pastern length. She has exceptional rear leg angulation from the side and if her rump were a bit longer from hip to pin, the hock would be able to be placed more appropriately under the pin. When looking over the top she shows very correct body shape, with full fore ribs and a nice spring to her barrel. From this view again it is clear to see the rump is just a little short from hip to pin. Really solid doe and when selecting a buck I think the focus should be on rumps.”

Name Origin

Four Leaf Clover

The four-leaf clover (officially known as Oxalis deppei) is a small plant with four distinct leaves. It’s a rare variation of the common three-leaf clover, and because your chances of finding one with four leaves is about 1 in 10,000, they’re considered lucky.

Four-leaf clovers have been around for ages, and their supposed lucky powers are talked about in centuries-old legends. In the early days of Ireland, Celtic priests known as Druids carried three-leaf clovers, or shamrocks, in the belief that with their help, they could see evil spirits approaching and be able to escape. Four-leaf clovers, then, were Celtic charms, offering magical protection and warding off bad luck. Children in the Middle Ages believed they might be able to see fairies if they carried a four-leaf clover.

Kidding History

Clover’s Kids

Pedigree of Rafter O Four Leaf Clover

Clover Pedigree Photos

Health & Screenings

  • CAE, CL, Johnes, Q-Fever - Negative

  • G6S Normal by Parentage

  • CAE, CL, Johnes, Q-fever, Brucellosis - NEGATIVE

Achievements & Titles

  • Grand Champion - Mini Nubian Senior Doe

    • HCMM Texas Two-Step
    • May 2022
    • Brandi Giachino
  • 3rd in 2-3yr Senior Mini Nubian Doe Age Class

    • HCMM Texas Two-Step
    • May 2021
    • Patrick Page-Sutter
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