Rafter O at Cordova Creek - Canyon Lake, Texas


  • Nickname Rafter O Trinity Aquifer
  • Date of Birth Mar 20, 2021
  • Mother Rafter O Cricket
  • Father Rafter O Meadowlark
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Rafter O Trinity Aquifer

Rafter O Trinity Aquifer    Rafter O Trinity Aquifer & Rafter O Edwards Plateau      Rafter O Trinity Aquifer


Check out the spots on this girl!  She is so pretty! Cricket’s FF udder is looking fantastic.  Trinity will add pizzazz and milk to your herd!

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Cricket is a beautiful Cou Clair 2nd Gen Mini Nubian doe.  Her dam, Clair, has infused some great Nubian genetics into our herd.  We have retained Cricket this year, and we retained her sister, Clover, last year.  Cricket’s pedigree has a nice blend of old and new lines.  Her sire, Memphis, has put some great width on her, and we are excited to get her in the show ring, both virtual and live! We are excited to see her first freshening!

Meadowlark is a very nice POLLED buckling with lots of flashy colors and spots…plus MILK behind him!  He is out of Ruby and Indy’s quadruplets.  He’s got ears for years, and a very sweet, loving personality. 

Doelings or bucklings from this pairing are sure to infuse some stellar Nubian genetics into your herd!   

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